Meet the Team – Emma Partenza

What do you do at TAG?

I am an SMSF Specialist Advisor and manager in TAGs SMSF division.

As well as overseeing all our client’s SMSF compliance obligations, I regularly meet with and assist our clients in identifying strategic opportunities available to them. It’s a complex area and I really enjoy demystifying technical jargon to help our trustees understand their superannuation benefits and see them achieve their wishes.

How do you prefer to start your day? Tea or Coffee?

Just water!

What was your first job?

I worked at my parents’ pharmacy throughout high school and university. Unfortunately, I didn’t become a pharmacist!

Do you have any pets?

I had many pets growing up, but a city apartment doesn’t cater too well for a pet. I’d really love to own a horse again.

I just went on a horse-riding safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya! Truly incredible and once in a lifetime experience, being up close and personal with all African animals on horseback is an experience like no other.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Easy! It’s an equal tie between pasta and seafood.

Do you have any special talents?

I like to be creative, and I create a scrapbook of all my travel adventures. Time consuming but allows me to re-live all my adventures.