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TAG Superannuation Strategies Online Seminar

Join us online for this year’s Superannuation Strategies Seminar!
We will be covering topics including the indexation repercussions, practical implications of divorce, securing your retirement nest egg, unravelling super assets and the latest industry updates. 


Unused bring forward cap – a contribution example

What happens if a member triggered but doesn’t fully utilise their bring forward Non-Concessional Contribution (NCC) cap, and in the following financial year, they wish to utilise the balance? How much can they contribute? Our experts have the answer.


Conflicts of Interest in Paying SMSF Death Benefits

In the absence of a valid death benefit nomination, a trustee can exercise their discretion under the fund’s trust deed on payment of the death benefits to beneficiaries. As a result of this discretion, conflicts may arise where the trustee is also a beneficiary of the deceased.


Additional Super Cap increases from 1 July 2021

Following on from the recent announcement of the Transfer Balance Cap increasing on 1 July 2021, contribution caps are also on the rise for the first time since the introduction of Simple Super on 1 July 2017.

What does this mean for your super?