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Webinar: Financial Wellness Series
Part 1 - Maximising Your Super


Friday 8 July 2022

12.00pm - 12.45am


Our Financial Wellness Series is for anyone starting out on their financial journey and wants to build their knowledge, so they can make informed financial decisions.


In this 5 part series, Michelle Griffiths will explore various financial topics and shares her knowledge, tools and tips on how you can build and maintain financial wellbeing.


In session 1, Michelle will share some ideas on how to maximise your superannuation, including:

- Why focus on super? And the importance of time

- Strategies to think about

- Contribution rules and how to take advantage

- Ways to help your partner

- Downsizing contributions



Other sessions coming soon...

Session 2 - Budgeting and savings

Session 3 - Tips to control your debt

Session 4 - Investing: what's stopping you?

Session 5 - Six common financial mistakes (and how to avoid them)





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