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The TAG Superannuation Strategies Online Seminar is a 1 day strategy session for accountants, focusing on superannuation strategies to help your clients maximise their super.


Join hundreds of others who have benefited from our "practical solutions to technical problems" philosophy, and learn how to help your business and your clients achieve better results.


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2022 Sessions and Agenda

Preparation For Retirement  - Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail:
The simple strategies to ensure you are prepared for retirement

Presenter: Michelle Griffiths, Partner, TAG Financial Services

Our clients work hard to build their retirement savings. Let us take you through strategies, tips and traps to be thinking about in the lead up to retirement. We will show you how to:
- make the most of contribution strategies
- ​taxable v tax-free components
- ensuring that the transition to retirement is as effective and simple as possible
- we will also provide a handy checklist that you can go through with your clients, as well as what you need to think about into the future

Death Issues - Multi-Generational Planning:
Strategies to help you rule from the grave

Presenter: Brenda Hutchinson, Partner, and Emma Partenza, Manager, TAG Financial Services

As if grieving a loved one isn’t hard enough, add in complex death benefit issues and it can be a disaster. Let us show you how to deal with issues such as:
- dealing with lumpy assets on death
- complex family issues
- dependency issues
- when is the best time to use a BDBN v paying directly to the estate
- what happens when there are conflicts

Accumulating Wealth - Building Your Retirement Dream:
Strategies to maximise wealth accumulation

Presenter: Jason Roccasalvo, Partner, TAG Financial Services

Superannuation is one of the best vehicles for accumulating wealth. Let us take you through the strategies that will help your clients compound their superannuation savings, to reach their retirement goals, including:
- different acquisition structures
- how to use investment vehicles both inside and outside super for the best result
- keeping it in the family group with related party transactions
- making the most of the SBCGT provisions

Residency - Should I Stay, or Should I Go?
What you need to think about when working overseas

Presenter: Brenda Hutchinson, Partner, TAG Financial Services

The world is becoming smaller, as more people choose to take their careers around the globe. What does this mean for your SMSF? Can your SMSF continue to operate whilst you are overseas? We will take you through:

- the rules that govern the control and management of the SMSF

- what you need to think about if you are planning a stint of overseas

- how to retain control of your retirement savings


Getting Money Out of Superannuation - Spending The Kid’s Inheritance:
The best strategies for getting money out of super

Presenter: Brenda Hutchinson, Partner, TAG Financial Services

Learn the successful strategies for getting the most out of your hard-earned super and enjoying retirement including:

- navigating the condition of release rules to your advantage

- choosing the best pensions for your circumstances

- dealing with the changes in ECPI

- market-linked and complying pensions

- our exciting strategy of creating liquidity when you are very asset heavy


In-House Assets - Getting Your ‘In-House’ In Order:
How to rectify in-house asset issues

Presenter: Jason Roccasalvo, Partner, TAG Financial Services

Fixing in-house asset issues can be one of the most difficult problems to rectify in a SMSF and can’t simply be undone. Is selling the asset the only answer? We will take you through the options available to rectifying the issue, including:

- the timeframes that must be abided by

- the traps to avoid to ensure there are no loose ends that will cause problems in the future

- the tips to help your clients not run into difficulties in the first place!


Panel Discussion - Ask the Experts: Q&A
Presenter: All

The TAG Seminar has always turned technical superannuation topics into practical solutions that you can apply in your business, as well as answering your questions along the way. For the first time ever, we will be hosting a session dedicated to answering all your superannuation queries. Covering the hot topics of the day, and how to actually apply the legislative changes that have come in over the last two years, our panel of experts will be here to answer all your questions.

You can send your questions to to ensure they are answered on the day!


Audit Update

Presenter: Brenda Hutchinson, Partner, TAG Financial Services

Hear about what’s new in audit and how it may affect you.



What's Included


1 Strategy Packed Day
Our online Superannuation Strategies Seminar includes great superannuation strategies and real life case studies. Each session includes live Q&A to answer any questions you may have.

Panel Discussion

Join our panel in an (interactive) Q&A session where we will answer your burning superannuation queries, and provide practical solutions to your technical problems. 

Bonus Webinar

Come to our Audit webinar on 23 August 12.00pm - 1.00pm, to hear the latest updates. 

Recordings Available
Our recorded sessions will be available for you to re-watch any time via our online Seminar Portal.


Great Presenters
Our presenters work with clients and use super strategies daily, making the seminar practical and usable.
Presentation Handouts
Each session's presentation and comprehensive white paper will be emailed to you.

Online Resource Kit
Essential SMSF information including standard documents, questionnaires, SMSF audit workpapers and compliance checklists (valued at $499).


Deed Discount
A 50% discount on your next deed establishment or amendment through TAG Financial Services (valued at $175).


Professional Development Hours
Attendance provides 7.0 CPD points: CPA, CA ANZ, SMSF Assoc., FPA and IPA.




“Exceeded expectations for an online event. Very well run.” – Deborah C.


"The case study makes it easy to follow the notes by giving a 'real life' example which is great." - Charmine P.


“Absolutely fantastic conference - a must for accountants and anyone providing Super/SMSF advice.” - Shane D.


Our Presenters

Michelle Griffiths, CA
Partner, TAG Financial Services

Investment Advisory & Wealth

"There is so much value we can provide to our clients, with regards to superannuation. We are in the prime position to help our clients look forward, so they can live their dream retirement. It's all about the strategies we can adapt now, to make those dreams a reality in the future."


Brenda Hutchinson, CPA
Partner, TAG Financial Services

Superannuation Advisory & Audit

"I love presenting at our annual Superannuation Roadshow. We put a great deal of effort into making the seminar engaging with interactive content that enhances everyone's knowledge. We highlight practical strategies, so that you can adopt these with your clients straight away."



Jason Roccasalvo, CA
Partner, TAG Financial Services

Superannuation Advisory & Audit

Specialising in superannuation, Jason's breadth of experience and expertise includes super fund borrowing, retirement planning and generational consulting strategies.



Emma Partenza, CPA, SSA

Manager, TAG Financial Services

Superannuation Advisory & Audit

Emma has extensive knowledge in Self-Managed Super Funds. She is passionate about going above and beyond to provide the best superannuation solutions for clients. Her ‘hands on’ approach is respected by both clients and advisors alike.

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