Here's what other previous attendees have said about the TAG Super Seminar:


"Exceeded expectation! Fabulous content, so usable, and didn't get bogged down in regs, just gave us the application." - Dianna J


"Another fantastic presentation and some great ideas and strategies. Thank you!”


"Both Michelle & Brenda were great & very clear in covering the message."


"All speakers were very engaging and informative." - Julie D


"Excellent as always - thank you." - Leigh H


"Great use of examples to cover technical and complex areas."


"Good materials provided and relevant topics."


"We always love attending the TAG seminar, always very easy to follow and resourceful."


"As always subject knowledge was astounding." - Gary Q


"Great livestream format - screen had notes and full view of presenter on stage  - felt like I was there."


"Engaging presenters with practical strategies and examples."


"The seminars are always fantastic, and I always love the real world/life examples." - Wendy R


"Both presenters (Michelle and Brenda) are very well versed on their subjects." - Graham G


"Very informative and easy to understand with useful examples and case studies."


"This is the only seminar of the year I've found that covers this material in detail." - Deborah C


"Another great job by Michelle and Brenda (but not surprised). I really appreciated being able to attend online rather than in person."


"Always great technical data with practical application and examples."


"THANK YOU! This is one of the best seminars I have attended." - Dianna J