Session Topics


Supercharging Retirement Wealth
Contributions & structuring


Let help you address your clients #1 concern and take you through strategies to help your clients compound their superannuation savings to reach their retirement goals, including:


• The use and interaction of different structures with a SMSF.

• How to use investment vehicles both inside and outside super for the best result.

• Keeping it in the family group with related party transactions.

• Making the most of the SBCGT provisions.

How the changes could impact you

Sirens sounded when the Government first shifted focus on non-arm’s length income and expense rules. Find out how they may affect you:

• Contentious circumstances and how to navigate them.

• What are the penalties.

• How the penalties will be assessed.

Multi-Generational Planning
Proven strategies for wealth preservation


For most clients, super and their home are their largest assets. It is crucial to ensure their wealth transfers how they want. Let us show you the strategies to:

• Detangle the complexities of estate planning.

• Dealing with lumpy assets.

• Handle where fund members no longer have capacity.

• Ensure steps in the Estate Planning process are not overlooked.

• Deal with issues around BDBN.


Super Savvy Borrowing
Unlocking borrowing opportunities in super


Borrowing is a complex area of superannuation legislation. We constantly see issues arise through all stages of the borrowing process, including:

• Managing cashflow and repayment obligations.

• Settlement issues.

• Timing issues around providing advice.

• What can/cannot be done with assets.


Retirement with Confidence
Essential planning strategies for success


Even though a client has retired, is it as simple as “starting a pension” or is this just the tip of the iceberg? Let us show you our tried and tested strategies that will help your clients at the different stages of being prepared for retirement:

• Looking at retirement goal setting.

• Strategies that can be employed even though a client has retired.

• A handy checklist to ensure all stages of retirement are considered and planned for.


The $3M Super Challenge
Optimising retirement savings


The proposed additional tax on superannuation balances above $3M is slated to take effect from 1 July 2025. This session will examine:

• How will it work.

• What impact it will have on clients.

• Strategies we can consider to minimise the impacts on our clients super balances.


Expert Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion from industry experts will help you navigate the practical application of the superannuation changes and strategies.