Woohoo! TAG celebrates 25 Years in business

TAG celebrates 25 years in business this week. With this great achievement, we asked Mark Templeton, TAG’s Managing Director, a few questions to gain some insight and reflection on this significant milestone.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when celebrating 25 years?

The first thing that comes to mind is gratitude and I would like to start by saying thanks. I speak on behalf of the Board of TAG Financial Services. For me personally, it is a privilege to have been involved in an organisation that has operated for 25 years.

What would TAG’s greatest achievement be?

Over 25 years there have been many highlights and achievements. We are proud of our team and it’s been fantastic to see team members achieving personal and professional highs and contributing to the organisation’s success. It’s also been wonderful to share in the outcomes and achievements of our clients as they go through their financial journey. For me, one of the standouts is the unity and comradery of the Board throughout this time. We started as a 2 partner business and while the founding partners remain, we have been joined by 5 other Directors. In 25 years we have never had a Director leave. The strength of leadership and focus on culture through thick and thin has allowed the organisation to be so successful.

Would you do it again?

That’s a tough question because when you have a dream and start out, one of the most powerful things you have is not knowing the reality that confronts you. Being a little naive is good as nothing interferes with your enthusiasm and desire. So, it would seem overwhelming if someone asked us to do it all again. Starting again in an industry that is now so heavily regulated and with no money, just blood, sweat and tears would be a big ask. Don’t get me wrong, all the Directors at TAG are extremely happy with what we have achieved. It’s a privilege to set out in life with a dream and then to live it! In reality, if you took us back to the beginning as frightening as it sounds, we would do it all again.

What’s the biggest decision that was made?

In business, you have many decisions that need to be made and you don’t get them all right. One of our biggest decisions was the move to our current location and it did influence the direction of TAG as it shifted our mindset. It was a big move both in cost and commitment, but it sent a message that we really wanted to be something in our industry, and I think it helped us become what we are today. Every time you recruit it’s big for everyone. Becoming self-licensed certainly was a big next step for our financial planning operations and was greatly received by our clients. The introduction of TAG Finance and Loans and our affiliation with JAS Partners has added diversity to our operations. Our client decisions have also impacted us as our client’s success becomes our success. There is now lots of hard work to ready our new offices for 2023 but this new location will be a great move for all in many ways and another chapter will start.

What is the most important thing you have learnt?

We have learnt a lot and that in itself makes the 25 years rewarding and enjoyable. Each year has never been a repeat of the last as we have challenged ourselves to change, adapt and stay relevant. We have always been big on planning and developing strategy and these ingredients are fundamental to TAG. The most important ingredient is culture, and it starts at the top. Culture will trump strategy every time. Without culture, you will have a business without a sole, a ship without a rudder.

Any regrets?

When things don’t turn out as planned, of course, you would do things differently but that is with the benefit of hindsight. Looking back and lamenting is a waste of time and energy – where one door shuts another opens. Look back only to learn, then implement the learnings and that makes you and your business better. At the end of the day we always do our best, reflect on what we have achieved and appreciate what we have.

Once again, thanks for being with us and being involved in our journey. We are very excited that we have experienced 25 years in business and we are extremely grateful. We are also excited about the next 25 years and we look forward to you being part of that.