DIY Investment – The Hidden Traps

It’s easy to become a DIY investor, you might buy a few shares, buy an investment property or start a self managed super fund. But what are the common traps that DIY investors fall into? Here are a few examples we see regularly:

Not understanding the tax implications
What you do today can have short and long term tax implications. We have seen this cost people thousands and could have been avoided by talking to an adviser that understands the implications. Avoid the costly mistakes with a conversation!

Not having focus
The guidance and direction that the planning process provides is more valuable than the Rate of Return as it will help you to get focus on what will get you to the outcomes that you want. That is where the true value of financial advice lies.

Following the herd
For many, investment decisions are based on their emotions at the time. Following the herd or making snap decisions based on emotion is a recipe for disaster. It’s really important to set your own goals and make rational and factual based decisions where possible.

Over Commitment
People may decide to invest in a property which results in a big loan. We often see repayments place unnecessary pressure on family finances or compromises lifestyle.

Avoid the costly mistakes just by having a conversation with an adviser.

What should you do now?

Become Money Smart
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Meet with us
If you would like to discuss your investing options, we offer a 1 hour no obligation, complimentary consultation with one of our advisers to discuss your situation. Contact us to arrange a time.

Wealth Projections
Our most powerful tool for wealth creation, TAG’s Wealth Projection Tool will show you how long your money will last, is easy to understand, provides clarity and helps create targets and goals. Contact us to arrange a time.


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