Finally, the win-win solution is here

Protect the most important thing to your practice: Client relationships

Nobody likes being the target of an audit/review – but we’ll be ready for you and your clients if and when it happens.

We all know tax audits/reviews have the potential to damage great working relationships. You either get beaten up because your clients demand reduced fees for the audit/review, or you’re blamed for not being able to prevent the audit/review from happening in the first place.


Do you charge your client the real cost of your professional time and services or do you absorb your fees to keep your clients happy?

Fenton Green has a solution: avoid the awkward meeting by providing your clients a tax audit insurance service. It covers the professional fees sustained by the practice in the event of an audit / review.

Give your practice the competitive edge and strengthen your client relationships with the Fenton Green Practice Cover. It’s a win-win solution for all parties involved in a tax audit/review

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