Financial Implications of your Downsizing Journey

Dealing with complex financial decisions can be overwhelming.
How can you ensure you have the right financial advisor to help you?

At TAG, our advisors clear the confusion and work with you to ensure your financial goals are achieved. Exploring your needs, your vision and your financial future, and the financial implications is such an important part of this journey.

When helping clients with downsizing, we walk them through all the financial implications, including;
–  How long will your money last?
–  Cashflow and asset planning
–  Superannuation strategies
–  Retirement planning
–  Tax minimisation strategies
–  Downsizer superannuation rules
–  Centrelink rules

” This process gives our clients a clear vision of their retirement plan meaning they can enjoy a clear financial direction and peace of mind.”
– Michelle Griffiths, Partner at TAG Financial Services.

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