How to Build your Retirement Dream

What do you want your future to look like?

Whether you want to start that hobby you have always wanted to start, travel the world, or just simply spend more time with your family, understanding the best ways to invest and how is essential so that you can secure the future you want.

In this 7 part series of short informative videos, Michelle Griffiths covers a variety of areas surrounding what retirement means for you, and how to get the future that you want.

We hope you find this video series valuable!

Part 1 – Will I have enough to retire?
Michelle talks about different scenarios surrounding building your Super and the important questions to consider.

Part 2 – Why Superannuation is Good for your Retirement
Michelle explains the power of Superannuation as a retirement vehicle.

Part 3 – Are SMSF Worthwhile and When?
There are many options other than Self Managed Super Funds that can support you in building your financial future. Michelle discusses the pros and cons to help you make the best decision.

Part 4 – How to Build up my Super Balance?
In this installment, Michelle talks wealth creation strategies that can help build your Super balance and secure your financial future.

Part 5 – Mortgage v Super – What is Best?
Mortgage v Salary Sacrifice in Super- there is no right or wrong answer as to which one is best. In Part 5 Michelle talks about things to consider surrounding this issue and the impact it can have.

Part 6 – Pre-Retirement Strategies to Suit You
It is never too early to start putting strategies in place for you and your family. Generally, pre-retirement strategies ae used by anyone 50+. Michelle discusses these important strategies that you should think about.

Part 7 – How to Evaluate Good Advice
Michelle discusses evaluating and utilising the good advice you receive.

Wealth Projections
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