Estate Planning – Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Most people believe Estate Planning is for the wealthy. But the issues don’t discriminate, and the concerns are often the same for everyone;




  • Who will get my money when I die?
  • Do I own everything / how much of my wealth is part of my estate?
  • Do I want assets to pass to specific people?
  • What are the specific tax time bombs and how do they impact my beneficiaries?
  • How do I ensure my wealth passes to my children and grandchildren, and is not exposed to family disputes?
  • How can I protect my beneficiaries from themselves, for example drug/alcohol dependencies or poor decision making?
  • How to manage family / relationship issues when considering Estate Planning.

Half of the country do not have a Will. Most people believe that everything will be OK, and while we may have that expectation, often we see the impact of unresolved or unclear intentions when beneficiaries have a financial windfall in place.

 What is an Estate Plan?

An Estate Plan is a clear, plain-English practical approach to deal with the above issues. The Estate Plan can then be used to facilitate the legal document e.g. a Will, to ensure your intentions can be followed with minimal disruptions.

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