TAG Super Tips – Removal of Franking Credit Refunds

In the lead up to the Federal Election one item that has sent a shiver of fear through SMSF Trustees is the proposed removal of franking credit refunds. 
This announcement, first made in early 2018 was an early prelude to a campaign measure by Labor in light of this years Federal Election.

While this reform is designed to save cash for the Federal Budget – it has been promoted as only affecting the big end of town. But let’s consider the following example:
Here we have 2 individuals, both retired, each with their own SMSF. They invest their balances in listed shares (80%) and cash (20%). Fund A has a total member balance of $750,000, and Fund B has a member balance of $5,000,000.

Fund A Fund B
Total balance $750,000 $5,000,000
ECPI 100% 32% (i.e. $1.6m pension)
Dividend yield (fully franked) 4% cash (i.e. prior to franking credits)
Fund A Fund B
Dividend  $ 24,000.00  $ 160,000.00
Franking Cr  $ 10,285.71  $   68,571.43
Interest Income  $   3,000.00  $   20,000.00
less ECPI ($ 37,285.71) ($  79,542.86)
Taxable Income  $             –  $ 169,028.57
Tax @ 15%  $             –  $   25,354.29
Franking Cr  $             – ($  25,354.29)
Tax payable  $             –  $               –
Total benefit  $ 27,000.00  $ 205,354.29
Yield 3.60% 4.11%

You can see that Fund A loses all refunding of franking credits – therefore getting no benefit of any of these, as it has no taxable income (given the members balance is 100% in pension mode).

Fund B however, by virtue of its taxable income, actually has capacity to use some of its franking credits, and still lower its tax liability. As a result, while its overall yield is also lower under Labors policy, it is not as impacted as Fund A. Hard to argue that it is only a tax on the wealthy, when the hardest hit are those that can least afford it.

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