TAG Wealth Tips – Royal Commission | New Advisers

Financial Services Royal Commission

Kenneth Hayne is due to release his findings and recommendations about the banks and financial services industry in early February.

Naturally there was a lot of publicity during the Royal Commission which ran for around 6 months covering numerous aspects of the industry.

While disappointing, none of the revelations about fee for no service, advice not in the client’s best interests and rampant conflicts of interest were particularly surprising. Unfortunately for the industry, this was driven by incentive schemes for employees and management of large financial institutions based on greed and poor corporate cultures.

In a new era where consumers are more aware of their choices and seeking advisers that have their interests front of mind as opposed to being “sold” financial products, we believe at TAG we are well positioned for the future.

At TAG, our focus has always been about growing our client’s wealth. We are self-licensed which means our advisers are not employees of banks, selling the products of that bank. We have variety and choice and we design financial strategies that suit the needs of each client.

We offer an initial complimentary 1 hour consultation. This meeting focuses on you, your goals and if we can work together to help achieve the financial outcomes that are important to you. To book a time or just to have an initial chat, email ardens@tagfinancial.com.au or phone 9886 0800.

New Advisers

As TAG Financial Services grows, we are excited to introduce new advisers. We pride ourselves on having advisers that are highly qualified and experienced in delivering a personally tailored financial and investment strategy.

Our 2 newest advisers to our Investment Advisory and Wealth team are:

Arden Shaw – Manager / Adviser
Authorised Representative Number: 1270952

If you have a Self Managed Super Fund you may know Arden who previously worked in our Superannuation Advisory team.  Arden has successfully transitioned across to our Investment Advisory and Wealth team as Manager and Adviser. Arden now has “new strings to his bow” and can add more value to our client’s financial lives, utilising his technical, financial advisory and interpersonal skills.

Contact:  ardens@tagfinancial.com.au or on 03 9886 080

Sugul Rasakulasingam – Adviser
Authorised Representative Number: 1264321

Sugul is an excellent addition to our team and looks forward to assisting our clients with managing their financial strategies.

Contact:  sugulr@tagfinancial.com.au or on 03 9886 0800




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