Evolving with Gooroo

At TAG Financial Services, we are always looking at ways to improve our infrastructure and people, so we continue to grow and thrive in a challenging and evolving industry. We are excited to announce that we will be working with Gooroo over the next 3 years.  Gooroo will assist in the development of our team to ensure TAG can reach its strategic aspirations.

Mark Templeton (Managing Director, TAG Financial Services)

TAG has a long and proud history for over 20 years. As a Board we have recognised that in order to achieve our strategic aspirations, we must take advantage of new technology that can help us prepare our business and team for the future.  Gooroo provides scientific insights and tools that will inform our people strategy and how we design and develop our teams. We are very excited about the role and impact Gooroo will have.

About Gooroo

Gooroo is a people analytics platform.

Gooroo’s globally-unique technology uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience to help to organisations and individuals advance their ability to make better decisions that create better outcomes and futures.

Gooroo technology is used to:

  • make quicker and more accurate hiring decisions
  • design workforces and high performing teams
  • assess cultural alignment and impacts
  • evaluate organisational readiness for innovation, growth and the future of work
  • build permanent and contingent worker pools that speed access to higher quality and talent that fit the culture
  • inform development and career pathways for individuals
  • dramatically improve communication effectiveness to staff, customers and communities.

For more information about Gooroo, go to https://gooroo.io/