The Connected Practice

TAG Financial Services was recently featured at the MYOB Incite conference, in a video series on ‘The Connected Practice’. This highlights the amazing benefits a client can achieve using an Adviser (accountant) and a Bookkeeper to grow their business.

The results will surprise you.

To watch the MYOB ‘The Connected Practice’ videos, click on the links below:

Adviser (accountant)


The Client

The Connected Practice concept centres around creating value for clients through a dynamic collaboration. Today’s business owners want quick, accurate information, which can be relied upon to make important business decisions. Accountants and Bookkeepers working together can unleash opportunities to take a client’s business to the next level. Using different skillsets, each party brings a unique level of insight and experience to the table, which can drive potential growth for the client.

The platform for this is the cloud technology that we use to record and access the data, which integrates with the software used by Accountants.  Connecting all parties to the same reliable data allows clients’ needs to be addressed swiftly.

The Adviser (accountant)

Clean data that is instantly accessible through cloud technology allows the accountant to produce compliance work efficiently and cost effectively. This creates opportunity to add value through advice in areas such as tax, structuring and financial analysis. Accountants can utilise their technical knowledge to identify potential growth and business opportunities for the client. In an advisory role, the Accountant can help the client achieve their business goals and provide clarity by helping them make intelligent business decisions.

The Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper works with clients to produce clean data through efficient transaction processing functions. This includes advising the client on how to fully utilising technology, optimising efficiency with software and cloud-based products to produce accurate, timely business data that drives business success.

By working together, the Adviser (accountant) and the Bookkeeper can create more value for clients than ever before.